backup storage

  1. B

    FreeNAS First Build - 32TB - Backup/Sync/Media server

    Hi, This month I'm building my first FreeNAS config. The goal is to have a system as quiet and economic as possible (I live in an apartment and the server will sit in the living room on a corner). I also want to have a budget below CHF 2000.- (around USD 2150). After carefully reading the...
  2. F

    FreeNAS as a backup device?

    Hello all, I have setup my first ever ZFS NAS, based on a 4x6TB disk RAIDz2 run on a HP. I was assuming it was a nearly perfect storage device. But everything I read about ZFS+FreeNAS stresses that FreeNAS should never be used as a backup device. However that is its primary requirement in my...
  3. N

    Offsite backup suggestions

    I'm hoping someone with experience can give me some guidance/point me in the right direction (sorry if I'm using the right terminology, but I hope my background info/question will still make sense.) Background: I am a home user, running FreeNAS 8.3-RELEASE-p6 and has a RAIDZ2 pool (4x6TB Disks)...
  4. wissam

    Backup storage

    Hi everyone !! I'd like to add a new backup storage plan to my server FreeNAS 11.0. Actually the idea is about to add a new secondary server that would store the same DATA that is saved in my primary server. The primary sever saves all my data and the data of the other users and i want at the...