backup rsynch

  1. G

    Backup my freenas folder (specific) to NFS ReadyNAS

    Hi, if possible create some task or cron to copy my data from my folder on FreeNAS to NFS Folder on ReadyNAS. Only process it copy from FreeNAS to ReadyNAS (backup data) Also if possible on FreeNAS with some app or plugins. Backup to usb drive as named or like vol01, vol02 from specific...
  2. Elliot Dierksen

    Back up musings - Looking for the best way of meeting my limited backup needs

    I have seen a number of threads recently about rsynch, zfs replication, and hardware failures. This got me thinking about my own backup strategy which isn't very good at the moment. In addition to my FreeNAS systems listed in my sig, I also have a ReadyNAS NV+ v2 (4 bays) with RAID5 of 4 x WDC...