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  1. L

    Supermicro Backplane Compatibility

    I have the opportunity to get my hands on a cheap SuperServer 6026TT-HDTRF (2U, 12-bay LFF, 2-node). I'd like to gut it and just use it for the drive bays along with an HBA in another server. If necessary, I'd throw an expander in there. Unfortunately, the backplane (BPN-SAS-827HD) uses...
  2. M

    Swapping Backplanes

    Hey all, I am on my second generation build of my FreeNas box, and believe mys SAS2 backplane is starting to become a bottleneck. I currently have a Supermicro 4U SC846A-R1200B chasis (SC846A-R1200B) with a SC846A-R1200B connected to two HBAs, a LSI 3008 thats integrated into my X11SSH-CTF...
  3. T

    Active backplane and sas raid controller problem

    hi, i'm new on the forum and i'm on the first experience on server grade electronics. i've a intel sr2600urlxr with 2x xeon5670 96bg of ddr3 ram 1333mhz. it has an integrated sas/sata raid controlled SROMBSASMP2 (firmware version 1.40-232-1007) from intel and an active backplane. when i started...
  4. D

    SOLVED Help Connecting Supermicro Backplane to HBA

    Hi, I recently purchased a Supermicro SC847 BE1C4-R1K23LPB for a server I am building, yet I am not sure how to connect the drives on the backplane to the HBA I have. The backplane has 4 ports, but there is space for 24 drives, and I am not sure how to connect them to the two LSI SAS 9305-16i...
  5. G

    SOLVED SuperMicro Backplane Connection Question

    Hey all, I've been researching for a bit, but I think I might need to phone a friend on this one. I'm completely at a loss on how to connect my SuperMicro backplane to my motherboard. For background, the details on my build are below: Chassis: SuperMicro SC846-R1K28B Motherboard: SuperMicro...
  6. pollytheparrot

    Supermicro Backplane Woes

    So I have an SC846 box running Freenas. I have the SAS2 backplane. On it is a RAIDZ2+0 pool configuration of two 10 drive RAIDZ2 vdevs that are 4TB Reds. I'm looking to replace one of the vdevs with 8TB reds, and rather than run in a degraded state (pulling the drive to replace), I wish to...
  7. scrappy

    SOLVED How to use the last four drive bays of my 12-bay server

    As my server is currently configured I can use 8 hard drives in my server. This is what the IBM ServeRAID M1015 HBA supports by itself when flashed to IT mode. Last week I had a glimmer of hope that using a SFF8087-4S Discrete to SFF-8087 (Reverse breakout) Cable to connect four SATA ports on my...
  8. AltecBX

    BUILD Looking for A JBOD with Back Plane

    As some of you know I build my FreeNAS server almost 2 years ago. This is my current hardware. Motherboard - SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SRH-CLN4F-O ATX Server Motherboard LGA 201 Processor - Intel Xeon E5-1650 v3 Six-Core Processor 3.5GHz 0GT/s 15MB LGA 2011-v3 CPU, Retail Memory - Crucial 646GB DDR4...
  9. StephenFry

    Safe to use an active backplane?

    I really enjoy building FreeNAS systems, and have put together quite a few machines, for for myself, for fun, and for friends/fam. After initial trial-and-error, all builds are now similar: SuperMicro board, one or two Dell or IBM controllers as LSI 9211-8i in IT mode, and a couple of hard...