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    C2550D4I (Avoton) won't post, managed to capture kernel panic

    Looks like I am joining the Intel Avoton death train because my NAS suddenly won't post. IPMI works but no matter what I tried in there it wouldn't post. The only way I could make it start and work for a few minutes is by heating up the passive CPU heatsink with a hair dryer (no joke). This way...
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    ASRock Intel Avoton C2750

    Hello, regarding ASRock Intel Avoton C2750 2.4GHz/DDR3/SATA3/V&2GbE/Mini-ITX Motherboard and CPU Combo C2750D4I COLOR BOX I'm trying to make sure it can passthru HDs and video card into a specific VM. I'm trying to build a Home Lab solution based on ESXI 6.5 running Freenas as a VM with direct...