1. StephenFry

    ashifting a-gogo: mixing 512e and 512n drives

    Because I'm becoming addicted to building FreeNAS systems, I'm constantly buying hardware. Usually it's on a budget, so I tend to work with what I have, not with what I want. Currently, I'm sitting on a mix of Seagate Constellation drives, pulled from a data-center somewhere. They are a mix...
  2. G

    Combining different ashift values in the same pool

    Hello, I have 4 vdevs of 6 4TB drives each that have been created with an ashift value of 9. The drives are native 512 byte block sized. I want to add to this pool 4 vdevs of 10 8TB drives. The new drives are native 4K block size. I understand there are performance issues when adding to...