1. SamMachine

    Access FreeNAS Jail From outside local network not working

    Hi everyone, as a disclaimer, I am a newbie with FreeNAS and using Jails so don't hate too much. My question is that I want to access my website which I have running inside a jail on my freenas machine. It is running build 11.0-U2 and the jail has apache24 installed. I can access it fine using...
  2. plexaFCI

    Jail and multiple IP4 aliases (GUI or cmd)

    Dear All, This is my first post in the FreeNAS forum, I am a bit experienced Qnap and Synology user with new love to FreeNAS. I need a little help with the problem i encounter. I created a jail and with it an apache24 service. Everything works excellent, with one web page hosted. But I...
  3. J

    Apache24 was running fine, now won't start

    I have a jailed owncloud installation that has been running perfectly on Freenas 11.0-U2 for several weeks. My certbot based certificate was due to expire so I set up a cron job to call "certbot renew", as per recommendations, and it promptly renewed the certificate, and all seemed well with...
  4. K

    SSL vulnerability - apache24/php7

    hi, i installed nextcloud with php, apache and mysql (tutorial https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/how-to-nextcloud-10-w-apache-php-and-mariadb.46111/). The problem is, that the SSL-Lab rating is F, because of the CVE-2016-2107 vulnerability. I have no idea where the problem is and...
  5. N

    HOW-TO: NextCloud 10 w/ Apache, PHP, and MariaDB

    HOW TO: INSTALL NEXTCLOUD 10.0.1 (and NC11) ON FREEBSD 9.10 JAIL Should also work with Nextcloud 11 with little to no change in setup. I wrote this guide primarily as a backup in case I needed to redo things over again, and decided to spruce it up and share it with others. The Goal: Put...