1. JoshDW19

    FreeNAS Mini Motherboard Clock Signal Issue

    iXsystems is committed to offering its customers the best storage solutions available on the market today. We have recently become aware of an issue with a component on the motherboard of the FreeNAS Mini and Mini XL that may lead to system failure. In most cases, the FreeNAS Mini will perform...
  2. JoshDW19

    FreeNAS Forums Change-log

    This is a change-log to notify you as users if there are any forum level changes so we can try to help keep everyone in the loop, and help you take advantage of new features as they come out. This may include plugins, theme updates, and updates on maintenance. If you have any questions please...
  3. JoshDW19

    Forum Rules

    Welcome to the TrueNAS Community! Updated 11/28/2023 First and foremost I want to thank you for joining the TrueNAS community! My name is JoshDW19 and I'm the Community Manager here at TrueNAS. The TrueNAS Community is a friendly place to discuss open source software, technology, and products...