1. Sokonomi

    SMB share not accessable from android device (works from PC)

    I'm having a bit of a struggle setting up accessibility of my storage. I have set up an SMB share that is perfectly accessible from my windows PC, yet all of my android devices seem to fail. They can see the NAS sitting on the network, but as soon as I attempt to access it, it throws a...
  2. ank.escapade

    Need advise to avoid copyright violation

    Hi guys, I'm building a FreeNAS client app for Android I was wondering if it would be a violation to use the word FreeNAS in the app name/title. I was thinking of something like Droid For FreeNAS or FreeNAS for Droid or even FreeNASDroid. Naturally I do not plan to take any credit for FreeNAS...
  3. packinpennies

    Smartphone UPS Notifications

    Hi all, I am running the UPS service with email alerts currently set up to come from my Gmail. However, these emails usually get stuck in Spam until I check for them later and thus do not get notified when a UPS alert comes through. Has anyone been successful in implementing any remote...
  4. scrappy

    Poor man's document scanning to FreeNAS via Android

    Until the day when I can afford an awesome printer/scanner machine that scans documents directly to a network share, I am stuck with my Android phone, a document scanning app and FolderSync Pro. Currently, CamScanner for Android works pretty well for making quick, legible documents and...
  5. prototype0815

    Android Device via USB an FreeNAS als Storage einrichten

    Hey folks, ich versuche mein Galaxy S8 an mein FreeNAS Server als Speichermedium anzuschliessen. Mein vorhaben ist, Daten per USB3.0 oder USB3.1 schneller auf mein Gerät drauf zu schieben. Leider finde ich keine passende Lösung für mein Vorhaben. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mir mit...
  6. Bhoot

    The Best (as far as I could get) Android App to access your FreeNAS

    So a lot of people have been using ftp, plex and sonar to get media on their phone I wanted something which was more basic. I still run plex, don't get me wrong; but things like a document file/pdf/comic (cbr) is something I might fancy on one of those days. The app is called ES File Explorer...
  7. M

    Android App FreeNas Manager

    Kennt jemand den FreeNas Manager von AHK für Android? Würde mich intrerssieren ob der zu empfehlen ist. Gruß und grossen DAnk ans Forum Micha