1. J

    Possible Failing Drive Help

    Hi all, I'm still learning FreeNAS and this alert I got this morning after a reboot has be a bit concerned. I'm not sure if its a SMART hdd alert. I have setup SMART scans (2 shorts a week and a long every other week). I don't get any reports or emails after a scan runs, so i'm not sure if its...
  2. MaxSupernova

    All set up. Paranoid about missing something critical.

    I'm migrating all my data from an ancient NASLite+ box with a random pile of old drives in it. I just had a great time setting up my Freenas 11 box. 5 x 3TB disks in RAIDZ2 in a ThinkStation S20, volumes and shares all set up, email notifications set up, SMART testing scheduled, scrubs...
  3. rwfitzy

    rsysnc task alerts or notifications or logging

    Haven't been able to find a definite answer if there is a way to have alerts for Rsync Tasks? I've read several posts where the solution is to write own script and use via cron jobs? I did setup an Rsync Task with user who has email, which is working well. But I forced it to fail and did not...
  4. M

    Feature request: XMPP Alert Service

    I love that there's a framework for Alert Services in FreeNAS, and it seems like it might be extensible. Would it be possible to add an XMPP alerter to the system? Alternatively, is it common that components like this could be developed and shared from community? If so would be interesting to...
  5. F

    dataset w/quota usage >80% (and >95%) but no alert generated

    Hi all, In order to test alerting on storage usage, I have done the following: created test dataset with 100M quota downloaded 100MB test file from until it reached ~75% (throughput decreased at this point dramatically) initiated cp to duplicate the file in order to bump...
  6. united

    Netdata Alerts Configuration

    Using: FreeNAS 11 stable train root@pandora:/etc/local # cd netdata cp health_alarm_notify.conf.sample health_alarm_notify.conf then follow instruction from inside this file, in my case added slack webhook - I curled the webhook successfully Also see this...
  7. CMSevilla

    web_log_nginx.response_codes alerts

    Hello, I've used FreeNAS for the better part of 3 years, of which 99% of it was in an ESXI 6.0 virtual environment. There I never had any issues with it, but eventually I decided to pull the FreeNAS server out of the virtual machine and into its own box since I hated rebooting it everytime I...
  8. J

    Alert Integration with Slack - Intermittent Timeout Errors

    Hey, I recently setup the Alert integration with Slack and I am receiving intermittent errors as per below: vault APP [4:53 PM] @4:53PM :x: is *CRITICAL* Consul monitoring report *Changes:* Fail = 1, Warn = 0, Pass = 0 *[vault.local:nas-health]* Service 'nas-health' check is *critical.*...
  9. S

    Change alert threshold for quota space

    Hi all, i use FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE and i wanna change the alert threshold for the quoata space. For example i get the following alert: Refquota exceed on dataset d6/data/dk. Used 80.07% (2.64 TB of 3.3 TB) I wanna get an alarm at 85%. I didn't find anything in the GUI and i can't find the...
  10. BloodyIron

    PC Speaker beeping when drive needs replacement, yes? no?

    Hey Folks, Does anyone know of a way to get the PC Speaker to do beepy stuff when a drive needs replacement? I have a scenario where external access is not possible, so things like E-Mail notifications will never, ever, happen. So I'm thinking an audible notification can bridge the gap to alert...
  11. K

    configuring alert services

    I am running FreeNAS 11.0-U1 and setup pagerduty (API key) and slack (webhook url) alerts. We had a failed drive and got just the email from the root user setup. What am I missing? My slack hook is setup to post to the channel I want so I should just need the URL.
  12. cmh

    FN 11RC1 sending test to alert services

    Installed 11RC1 last night on my backup FN box, love being able to just switch trains to do the upgrade. Looking through the new features so I can hopefully provide some useful feedback. Trying to set up the alert services - I can test Slack and PagerDuty and have set up targets on the...