1. C

    FreeNAS 11.3: Dell PERC 5/I not detecting drives via back-plane

    Ok, I'm going to start off by saying this right now. I am very new to FreeNAS and don't know much about it. My problem begins with my Dell PowerEdge 2950 Mk III. I have a current install of FreeNAS 11.3 installed on two mirrored USB drives via the back two USB ports, The server boots slowly but...
  2. KenwoodFox

    Recover pools from previous freeNAS machine

    Still recovering from a failed USB drive, all other 8 drives (save for one SATA drive that is being a little picky about when it responds to read commands) are functioning and should have the data from the previous installation. My backup .tar file doesn't seem to work, I can't seem to get the...
  3. K

    Problems installing FreeNAS on Dell poweredge

    So I recently bought a dell poweredge 2950 for 90 bucks and it was even filled with drives, everything works with no problem. But I tried to install FreeNAS and it worked the first time and I selected the drive I wanted it installed on, but after that I stepped on the keyboard and it selected...