1. H

    Capacity Reports

    Hello, has it already been reported that the units are showing up incorrectly in the partition storage reports? It's supposed to be in GB but appears to be in bytes, here is a screenshot of an 8TB partition which would be ~8000GiB not "8000000000000GiB". It would also be amazing if the reports...
  2. H

    Dashboard Instability

    Hello, I'm doing a bunch of testing on FreeNAS 11.2-U6 and keep running into a weird problem so I figured I would post it. I have this particular system online strictly for testing and notice that when I put any kind of iSCSI load on the system the dashboard stops responding. I can still ping...
  3. Larry Davis

    Trouble after upgrade to 11.2-U6

    I don't see available plugins and when trying to create a jail the system stops trying to fetch the version. When I try to built a fresh clean install I get the same results. My system was working with U5 with Plexpass and Urbackup. I can import my old pools and I can access them from windows 10...