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    Machine name in dashboard is too big

    Is there a way to reduce the size or eliminate what I'm assuming is the Machine Name at the top of the dashboard. The name is long enough to wrap to a 2nd line which pushes the Uptime information partially out of the window at the bottom of the system information window. Please see the...
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    Hello, I'm doing some housekeeping and trying to remove old boot environments. (I know I should have done it a long time ago.) But when I click "Delete", the progress ring never stops spinning. (Se picture.) I waited 20 minutes before I refreshed the page. When I refreshed the page the old boot...
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    Reoccurring middlewared failures - smartd service failures - ServiceService.result():140

    Looking for help/advice. For the last week EVERY night just after 0300 EST my server has produced Warnings, blocked tasks, LOCKED files, etc. This started while running 11.2-U4 and continued after upgrading to 11.2-U5. No system changes were made prior to this daily event taking place. My jails...