1. pixel8383

    11.2-U2 broke cloud sync tasks

    The latest release broke rclone support. I had to roolback to 11.2-U1 to make the cloud sync tasks work again (with no changes to the task configuration). The error on an SFTP task was: 2019/02/26 23:00:04 INFO : Transferred: 0 / 0 Bytes, -, 0 Bytes/s, ETA - Errors: 0 Checks: 0 / 0, -...
  2. Benceking24

    11.2-U1 Install failed multiple times, middlewared error

    I tried to install a fresh clean version of the official 11.2-RLEASE-U1 but ended up reinstalling 4 times and still can't install it properly without errors under a decent time. I made an USB image with Rufus to a USB 2.0 16gb drive and then booted it. I started the install with the USB 3.0...