11.2 beta 2

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    11.2 Beta 2 Can't Start VM "Cannot guarantee memory for guest id"

    I cannot start my VMs due to the error "Cannot guarantee memory for guest id: (number)". My system has 32GB of RAM, so I believe I have plenty for the VM. I've tried going down to 512 MiB, but I get the same error. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this error and has a solution for it?
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    After updating to 11.2, plugins and jails only showing in old UI, not new UI

    I updated my FreeNAS server to 11.2 and when I went to the jails and plugins section, nothing shows up. I went to test if my Plex server is working and it is which means that plugins are running I just can't see them. I then went to 192.168.1.xxx/legacy and saw the plugins and jails there. How...
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    11.2 Beta2 - system lock up when deleting files

    Hello all, HP Microserver Gen 7 N54L, 8GB, ZFS RaidZ1 4x 4TB WD Red. Running FreeNAS since V8. Home nas, on 24/7. and was updated from v8 to 9.x sometime in 2016. Recently upgraded from 9.10 to 11.1 Beta 1 on 21 July. (didnt realise this was a beta.. o well . lost access to existing Jails and...