11.1 u7

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    SOLVED Unable to decrypt Volumes

    I had/have had Freenas version 11.1 U7 up and running well. I tried to update to 11.2 without success, so reverted back to11.1 without any problems. I recently tried to update again this time on a USB flash drive instead of a CD as previously attempted. The install still would not work, so I...
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    HELP! Got an error and FreeNAS won't boot

    Okay. I am a techie, but not a BSD/Linux/Unix guy. I am getting an error when booting freenas. First of all it won't boot. Period. Gets to a screen and stops. Rather than try to type everything from boot I took a video and posted to an unlisted url on youtube. https://youtu.be/8YwnYcuT024...