1. K

    New to Freenas - Connecting 10g options

    Hello, Currently in the midst of setting up a new Freenas system with some old and some new parts. I'm particularly interested in 10g connectivity options. Here's my proposed setup. Gigabyte Motherboard MB10-DS1 Xeon D-1521 32 gig ECC Ram 5 - 4TB drives - Raid Z2 Chelsio S310E-CR 10 NAS...
  2. acquacow

    FreeNAS 11.1-U6 10GigE writes, 150MB/sec reads (iperf is fine)

    Hi, New to FreeNAS, have it setup on a supermicro xeon-D 1541, 16GB of DRAM, with four Intel S3500 480GB SSDs as one storage pool and eight 7200RPM HGST 4TB drives as a second pool. Switch is a Netgear XS708T, jumbo frames were on, but I've shut them off everywhere currently while...
  3. S

    Hitachi SAS SSDs as SLOG and other SSD questions

    I have a ZFS server with 2 x mirrored/striped (aka RAID10) pools. One pool is 8 x 3TB 7200rpm Toshiba drives and holds an iSCSI volume. The other pool is 12 x 4TB drives and is used for SMB shares. (I put a zpool status dump at the bottom of the post) Currently I'm using 2 x HUSSL4010BSS600 as...