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Terminology and Abbreviations Primer

Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
Great for beginners.

Perhaps adding ARC is similar to, but not the same as OS level file system cache. And explain the difference in straight forward wording.

Plus, after the ARC section, perhaps adding a L2ARC paragraph.

Then add a section on Special Metadata vDevs.

Last mention De-duplication. My suggestion here would be to state if you don't know how to design and implement, so that you have to ask beginner questions, then you should NOT be using De-duplication.

I am not saying these new sections should be all encompassing, but adding the general description and pointers to more detailed information, I would think would be help full.
As a total noob, I appreciate the effort and am very grateful for the clarity. I didn't feel it deserves 5 stars because the title is misleading; it suggests much broader coverage than just RAID terms.
I am not sure anyone would expect it to have a scope greater than the things on this forum. The general problem we've faced is that users will come in and start talking about their RAID5 ZFS setup. Does that mean the user has actually set up ZFS on top of a RAID5 hardware volume (not as uncommon as you'd think), or really meant RAIDZ(1), or even RAIDZ2 (seen it). The problem is that you can waste a lot of time starting to talk about why you shouldn't run ZFS on top of RAID5 only to find out the user was simply using incorrect terminology.

There are a lot of other areas where there are multiple words (disk/drive, motherboard/mainboard/system board, NIC/ethernet, etc) but where the choice of words does not result in actual miscommunication. If there's something that's missing from the primer that you feel ought to be there, let me know.