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How To: Change IPMI Sensor Thresholds using ipmitool

Easy to follow, ear-saving guide.
Great help, but I do have one question. My Noctua NF-S12A fans are rated w/ min. rotational speed @ 300 RPM +/- 20%. So I set lower noncritical to 240 RPM, which the ipmi on my SMC X11SSH-F-O motherboard set down to 200 RPM. Following your instructions, I set *lc* to 140 and *lnr* to 40, and the motherboard reset them to 100 & 0 RPM respectively. Is this right, or should I have set them to 200 & 100?
It's unlikely to make a difference really. I wouldn't worry.
I rely on this from time to time when my BMC gets reset. Thank you!
Simply awesome. Thanks