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FAQ: Migrating from FreeNAS Corral to FreeNAS 9.10 / 11

Resource FAQ: Migrating from FreeNAS Corral to FreeNAS 9.10 / 11

Updated the roadmap to reflect delays.
Contrary to what I had been previously told, the current aclmode can be checked using zfs list. The document has been updated to make use of this important detail, to more clearly direct users to the datasets that need fixing.

Special thanks to @flederohr for bringing this to my attention and providing the awk-fu.
With the Release of FreeNAS 11, information regarding its status has been updated accordingly.
Added a section about ZFS replication not working after migrating away from Corral. This seems to be caused by Corral's unique aclmode.
Added a few links of interest to Docker users moving to FreeNAS 11.
Made a few minor changes to the wording now that FreeNAS 11 is in RC.
The migration process for encrypted Corral pools has been somewhat documented in the following bug report:

A link was added to the relevant section.
Added several notes that Corral and 9.x / 11 configs are incompatible, making simple train changes fail.
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Added notice that Corral configs aren't usable in 9.x/11.
This resource had to be recovered from backup after an accidental deletion (thanks, XenForo /s).

If you notice anything out of place, please use the discussion thread to make me aware of that.

Unfortunately, all existing reviews were lost. My apologies.