Disk Price/Performance Analysis Buying Information

Disk Price/Performance Analysis Buying Information 01-May-2019

OK all.

The latest version is now up and ready to download. See the previous email for what was updated.
Updated bunch of specs on various drives
Updated prices on a bunch of drives
HGST has been merged into WD. I will leave HGST drive/specs around for a while, but will remove in future. (6months - 12 months)
Added WD Ultrastar (HGST replacement) drives

I am thinking about adding SD drives of 1 TB or higher. It will skew data, but it is becoming the future, today.

Still not fixed:

Tried to attach the file named: Disk Price analysis.xlsx and it would not allow the file because the type is not an allowed.

Sorry I tried.
Updated pricing, fixed a few problems.
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- Updated pricing
- Cleaned up some of the tables
- Seeing some very good deals (best prices ever) for some drives. Not sure if this is a sign of possible falling prices, but keep your eyes open.

Started a thread in Off Topic for sharing best prices when I (or anyone else) come across them. What good is it if there is a great price and it has expired? Hopefully this will help.

- Updating data from drives with missing info
- Working on updating the $ per TB per year + electricity cost for year. Fixed formatting problems.

As always still looking to fill in any empty cells. If you have a URL to a manufacturer document that provides the information, please share it with me!

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Updated more prices, as usual. You might see some drive prices show up as "=349.99/2", as a formula in a cost cell. This just means that you have to buy 2 drives (combo) to get the drive price listed.

I have added a new column which should be the end to all, in this spreadsheet, for cost per TB per year including electricity cost. This causes some drives that appeared to not be as cost efficient, to possibly edge out ones with higher electricity costs.

You can choose which column you prefer to use, but the option is there to see the "total" cost, as best as I can portray it.

Updated prices
Updated some acoustic info
Amazon Prime day had a very good deal on 8TB Deskstar NAS - I posted info in good deal thread.
Sorry for not updating more frequently. Just been busy!

  • Added some new drives
  • Updated prices on various NAS, DT drives
Prices have been holding pretty steady for last 2-3 months. Some ups and downs, but nothing major. I am seeing some odd drives (i.e. 5TB) are much harder to find and I will probably purge them in another 6-12 months.

If you are looking for deals, you will have a longer lead time than normal, from what I seen. Be patient. I saw 4 HGST 4TB Deskstar 7200 RPM NAS drives on special $399.99. Did not last long, though.

Right now, patience is the key. I would expect some competition to start occurring in the Fall/Winter time frame.

Have a great summer!
Just prices updated. Hopefully this one will upload. There were problems with the size not allowing it to be uploaded.
Updated lots of prices.