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Configuring UPS support for single or multiple FreeNAS servers

Top notch! One thing I ran into on my system, 2 Truenas-12.0-U1 servers in master/slave, is that I needed to ensure the "Power Off UPS" setting was not turned on for my config. Otherwise part way through the boot process after the shutdown it would kill the UPS power and the kill the power to my Server mid boot.
This was the single best guide for setting up my two Truenas 12.0 U1.1 servers on a single UPS. Thank You !!! Minor detail: the UPS name set on the slave system needs to be the UPS name on the master system.
Thanks for the review, @leka! I don't see anything wrong with my description of the master/slave setup: the master system is configured to listen on an IP address and the slave system is configured to access the master via that same IP address. I suppose you could use hostnames instead, but I use IP addresses to save a DNS lookup.
Thanks for this summary. It has helped me to get connection to UPS up and running.
Great job.
Excellent resource. My systems are now all in sync, thanks to the "LISTEN" parameter. Love the ability to test without actually going on battery. Great job!
Straight path from A to B to C and UPS is up and running, shutdown sequence tested. Thank you for a compact guide.
Thank you! This helped me set up my UPS. My specific UPS wasn't listed in the dropdown (Cyber Power PR1500LCDRT2U), but selecting a different model with the "usbhid-ups" driver did the trick. Next step - configuring the 2nd UPS I have. My server has redundant power supplies, which I have plugged into separate UPSs. (Which are plugged into separate power circuits.) Looks like I may need to manually edit some config files to get that working.
End to end explained UPS configuration, also covers the subject of testing the setup (which isn't discussed anywhere else on the internet, AFAIK).