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This content follows experimental early release software. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to a stable software release.

Development Notes

This article is reworked to track the latest developments and early unstable TrueCommand releases. Go here for the latest stable release notes.

TrueCommand offers experimental builds and unstable early releases of the latest development effort for adventurous users who wish to experiment with in-development features. These builds are offered “as-is” and are meant only for development previews and experimentation.

TrueCommand stable versions are available as two methods: TrueCommand Cloud and self-hosted containers with a specific release tag.

Deploying Latest Development Builds

To deploy the latest TrueCommand development build as a self-hosted container, use this docker command: docker run --detach -v “/hostdir:/data” -p port:80 -p ssl:443

Where hostdir is a directory on the host machine for Docker container data, 80 is the TrueCommand web interface port number, and 443 is the port number for secure web interface access.

For detailed deployment steps and requirements, see the full Installing the TrueCommand Container article.

Release Schedule

The release names and dates provided here are tentative and can change at any time.

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Development Notes

Check this space periodically for notes about the newest changes!