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Interface Overview

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Last Modified 2023-01-17 16:52 EST

Top Bar


The top toolbar has various quick links, configuration options, alerts, and menus.

  • Clicking opens the Cluster Volume page.
  • Clicking opens the iSCSI Manager page.
  • Clicking opens the Reports page.
  • Clicking toggles documentation tooltips.
  • Clicking opens the Theme Settings menu dropdown. See information listed below.
  • Clicking opens a dialog window with a TrueCommand releases and maintenance news feed.
  • Clicking opens the Alert Notifications page.
  • Clicking opens the Settings menu dropdown. See information listed below.
  • Clicking the user avatar displays the user Profile option where you can set a custom avatar to change the default user gravtar. It also provides access to the API Interface, the EULA and the Log Out options. See information listed below.

Creating Themes using the Theme Settings Pallet

TrueCommand includes the ability to customize the alert colors to user preferences. The Theme settings pallet is located in the top banner on the right. To open the theme configuration menu, click the icon.


To change a color, click on the color to open a selection menu, then choose a color or enter its HEX color value.


To remove changes and revert to the currently saved settings, click RESET. To reset all colors to the application defaults, click DEFAULTS.

Settings Menu

The Settings menu has the following options:

User Menu

The user menu (avatar) has the following options:

  • Clicking opens the Users page.
  • Clicking opens the API Interface testing page.
  • Clicking opens the TrueCommand EULA.
  • Clicking logs the user out of TrueCommand.

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