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TrueNAS SCALETrueCommand Nightly Development Documentation
This content follows experimental early release software. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to a stable software release.

Connecting the First TrueNAS System

Adding the First TrueNAS System with the TrueCommand UI

Before adding a TrueNAS system, log into that system, then take note of the system host name or IP address (on the Network screen). Next, you need either a password or to obtain a system API key to use as a security credential. Create an API key in the TrueNAS system and copy the API key to the clipboard to paste into the Password/API Key field on the New System screen.

The new Fleet Dashboard screen displays the first time you log into the TrueCommand interface. To add your first TrueNAS system, click NEW SYSTEM on the main dashboard or in the System widget on the Fleet Dashboard.


To open the main dashboard, click the TrueCommand Icon on the left of the top toolbar.


Enter the system IP address or DNS host name, then enter a system nickname and password or paste the API key into the Password/API Key fields.


New System Settings
IP Address or HostnameEnter the TrueNAS system IP address or host name.
Port(Required) Populated with the default 443. TrueCommand communicates with the TrueNAS systems over this port.
Nickname(Required) Enter a unique short-form identifier for this system. You cannot use the same system nickname more than once.
Password / API KeyEnter a password or API key issued by the TrueNAS system. TrueCommand hides characters for security.
Password / API Key ConfirmRe-enter the password or paste the API key issued by the TrueNAS system.

Click RESET FORM to clear the fields and reset the form if you make a mistake. Click ADD SYSTEM to add the new system. Click ADD AND CONTINUE to add this system and continue to add more systems.

Connect Your First TrueNAS System Using TrueCommand Cloud

TrueCommand Cloud: Connecting Systems

Log into your iXsystems cloud account and click Manage next to your TrueCommand subscription.

Under Service Details, copy the TrueCommand API Key.


Log into a TrueNAS system and click the TrueCommand icon in the upper right.


Paste the TrueCommand API key copied from the iXsystems Account Portal into the TrueNAS dialog window.


Approving the Connection Request

When the True Command logo starts moving, check the TrueCommand Cloud email address for a verification message. The email contains a link to the portal to confirm the connection and activate the TrueNAS system.

Click the Discovered Systems icon and select the TrueNAS system. TrueCommand automatically fills out the IP field using the WireGuard address. Fill in the TrueNAS system nickname and password information from the TrueNAS system, then click Add System.


The TrueNAS instance can take 10 to 15 minutes to fully sync up with TrueCommand Cloud.

When all systems are connected to TrueCommand Cloud, refer to the TrueCommand User and Administrator Guides for instructions about setting up configuration backups, alerts, reports, and role-based access control.

Managing Systems with the TrueCommand UI

Systems added in TrueCommand display on the Fleet Dashboard, main Dashboard, System screen, and System Inventory screen. To display the list of systems in TrueCommand, click the settings icon, then click either System Inventory or Systems.

The Systems screen has two tabs: Systems and System Groups. These tabs contain all the options to connect and organize systems in TrueCommand. TrueCommand lists all added systems and their connection statuses in the Systems tab.


Click + NEW SYSTEM on either the System or System Inventory screen opens the New System screen as described above. Click on a system to see details for it, or on the more details more_vert icon to open the list of system actions.


Changing System Settings with the TrueCommand UI

Misconfigured systems (such as one created with an incorrect password) appear offline on the TrueCommand dashboards and system list screens.

To enter new connection details for a system, click the more details more_vert icon then click Edit. Click RESET to clear the fields, enter the correct settings, then click Save Changes. To remove a system from TrueCommand monitoring, click Delete.

Organizing Systems into Groups with the TrueCommand UI

TrueCommand administrators can organize systems into collections called groups. Grouping systems enables efficient system permissions and reporting management.

Click on the System Groups tab on the Systems screen to view a list of created groups and the systems they include.

To create a group, click NEW GROUP at the top right of the Systems screen. Enter a name for the new group, then click ADD SYSTEM to add a system to the group. After adding the desired system(s) to the group, click SAVE GROUP.


Editing a group allows you to update the group name or change which systems are members of that group.

To delete a system group, click Delete . Click Yes to confirm the deletion.