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Connecting Your First TrueNAS System

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Last Modified 2022-01-04 15:53 EST

Connecting Your First TrueNAS System


To connect your first system to TrueCommand, click NEW SYSTEM on the dashboard.


IP Address or HostnameThe system’s IP address or DNS hostname.
NicknameRequired short-form identifier for this system. You cannot use system nicknames more than once.
Password / API KeyNew password or API key. TrueCommand hades characters for security.
Password / API Key ConfirmRe-enter the password or API key.

Enter the system IP address or DNS hostname, type a system nickname, and the system password. If you make a mistake, click RESET FORM to clear all entries and start over.

Systems List

Adjusting Systems

Systems that are misconfigured (e.g. if you entered an incorrect password) appear offline on both the TrueCommand Dashboard and Systems list.

You can edit a system from the Systems list by clicking the edit icon and then enter new connection details. To go back to the original contents of the fields, click RESET FORM.

To remove a system from TrueCommand monitoring, click Delete.

Organizing Systems into Groups

Groups are collections of systems that are organized by TrueCommand administrators. Grouping systems allows efficient management of system permissions and reporting.

Open the System Groups tab to view the list of created groups and the systems they contain. Create a Group by clicking Configure   > Systems > + NEW GROUP. Enter a name for the new group and click ADD SYSTEM to add a system to the group. When all the desired systems are added to the group, click CREATE GROUP.


Editing a group allows you to update the group name or change which systems are members of that group.

To delete a system group, click Delete . Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Connecting Systems to a TrueCommand Cloud Instance

Get an API Key

Log into the ixSystems cloud account and click Manage. Under Service Details, copy the TrueCommand API Key.


Log into your ixSystems cloud account and click Manage next to your TrueCommand subscription.


Copy the API Key under Service Details.

Connecting from the TrueNAS UI

Log into a TrueNAS system and click the TrueCommand icon in the upper right.


Paste the TrueCommand API Key copied from the iXsystems Account Portal into the TrueNAS dialog window.


Approve the Connection Request

When the True Command logo starts moving, check the TrueCommand Cloud email address for a verification message. The email contains a link to the portal to confirm the connection and activate the TrueNAS system.

Click on the New System alert, fill in the information from the TrueNAS system, and click Add System.


It can take 10 to 15 minutes for the TrueNAS instance to fully sync up with TrueCommand Cloud. When all systems are connected to TrueCommand Cloud, refer to the TrueCommand Administration articles for more instructions about setting up configuration backups, alerts, reports, and role-based access control.

Manual Connections

To connect a system to TrueCommand, open the Configure menu and click Systems. This menu is organized into two tabs: Systems and System Groups. These tabs contain all the options to connect and organize systems in TrueCommand. All added systems are listed on the Systems tab with the current connection status.

To connect a new system, click + NEW SYSTEM.

Enter the system IP address or DNS hostname, a system nickname, and the system password. Click RESET FORM to clear the fields and reset the form if you make a mistake.

Systems List