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System Management

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Last Modified 2021-05-05 13:50 EDT

The TrueCommand dashboard gives a quick overview of the status of the TrueNAS systems it has been connected to.


For information on the Top Bar and the options refer to Interface Overview article in the Getting Started Documentation.

System Cards

Each system will have a unique card to display it stats.


Options menu


The Options menu gives you several shortcuts to simple tasks. Edit opens the edit window for the connection details for the TrueNAS and the nickname. Update initiates an update of the TrueNAS system. NAS Portal will open up a new tab for the full TrueNAS Web UI. iSCSI Volumes opens up the iSCSI management page for the specific TrueNAS. Services opens up the services page allowing a user direct control over current service status and enabling or disabling service autostart. Delete will remove the system from TrueCommand. Delete will not delete any data stored on the TrueNAS system, however Delete will delete all system metrics history saved in TrueCommand’s database.




Clicking on the values for CPU, Disk, and Network will open up small popup windows giving you a quick glance at the statistical history for these systems.

  • CPU DashboardCPUGraph

  • Disk DashboardDiskGraph

  • Network DashboadNetworkGraph

Updating Wheel

When a TrueNAS is updating, a small rotating wheel will be visible to the right of the system nickname.