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System Management

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Last Modified 2021-09-03 07:51 EDT

The TrueCommand dashboard gives quick status overviews of the TrueNAS systems it is connected to.


For information on the Top Bar and its options, refer to the Interface Overview article in the Getting Started Documentation.

System Cards

Each system has a unique card to display statistics. When the system has an alert, an Alerts bubble appears next to the system version to show how many alerts there are for that specific system. See Alert Management for further information.


Storage lists how many pools and drives are being used by the system. It also shows how much storage is used and available by size and percentage.

ARC MISS shows how often the system is using disks instead of the ARC cache. Anything above 0% means that the system is using RAM. The numbers vary on use case and work load.

There are also several “hot spots” on the card that will open system specific areas for management.

Clicking the system name on the card shows an expanded view of the system with more Single System Management options.

Clicking the Alerts bubble after the system version on the card will open an expanded system information screen that lists the current system alerts.

Clicking DRIVE, DISK WRITE, DISK READ displays the disk activity graph.

Clicking NET displays the Net Activity graph.

Clicking CPU displays the CPU Usage percentages graph.

Clicking TEMP displays the CPU Temperature percentages graph.

Clicking ISCSI, NFS, and SMB opens a Services window that allows users to stop/start Services for the system.

Clicking VM opens a Virtual Machines window that allows users to start/stop VM’s on the system.

Clicking APPS (Scale) or Jails (TrueNAS 12.x) opens a window that allows users to start/stop APPS/Jails on the system.

Options Menu


The Options menu has several shortcuts to simple tasks.

  • Edit opens the edit window for the TrueNAS connection details and nickname.
  • Update updates the TrueNAS system.
  • Launch TrueNAS Interface opens a new tab for the full TrueNAS Web UI.
  • iSCSI Volumes opens the specific TrueNAS’s iSCSI management page.
  • Services opens the services page, which allows users to directly control current service status and autostart.
  • Delete removes the system from TrueCommand. This does not delete any data stored on the TrueNAS system. However, it does delete all system metrics that are saved in TrueCommand’s database.




Clicking on the values for CPU, Disk, and Network will open small popup windows that display the statistical history for systems.

  • CPU


  • Disk


  • Network


Activity Wheel

When a TrueNAS is updating, a small rotating activity wheel will be visible to the right of the system nickname.