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Creating a Report

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Last Modified 2021-08-11 12:34 EDT

The Reports page customizes system metrics charts for data analysis.


Creating a Report

Click + CREATE REPORT to create a customizable report. Enter a report name and an optional description for the report.


Click BROWSE WIDGETS or WIDGET to add charts to the report.


Custom Charts

Most charts are already configured to report certain settings. To create a custom chart with custom settings, add a Custom Area Chart, Custom Bar Chart, or Custom Line Chart. Fill in these options when adding a custom chart:

  • General settings: Enter a Title, Subtitle (optional), Axis label (optional), Point size, Line size, Y min (optional), and Y max (optional) for the chart. Stack the values can be set to bring data points on the chart closer together. This setting is useful for charts that have many different data points at the max Y value.
  • Data sources: Add data sources to the chart by expanding a category and selecting appropriate sources. Multiple data sources can be added to one chart.
  • Summary: This step shows the all of the chosen values. Click SAVE to add the custom chart to the report or BACK to go back and change a setting or data source.

After adding charts to the report, click SAVE to make this report available for use.


After creating a report, you can click GENERATE to generate the report or you can go back to the reports page and make create another report.


Share Report

By default, the reports created by a user are available only to that user. To share a report with other users or teams, open the Reports page and click the icon for the chart.


You can share reports with individual users or entire teams.