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iSCSI Volume Management

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Last Modified 2021-06-03 09:03 EDT
iSCSI management is a brand new feature in TrueCommand 2.0. Always back up any data intended for storage or sharing!

Open the iSCSI Manager page by clicking the icon on the top bar.


Start creating an iSCSI volume by clicking + Volume. When the page opens, click + Add System Pool and select a pool or multiple pools.

iSCSISelect Pools

Click Next.

Click + Block Devices to add Block devices. The count field creates a batch of ISCSI datastores with identical settings in the number specified.


Click SAVE when finished and click NEXT.

Click + Target and name the target.


Click SAVE when finished and click NEXT.

Set the checkbox to assign the target to the block device.


Click NEXT.

By default, all initiators are granted access to the target. To change this, click + Initiator. Name the new initiator and set the checkbox to assign the initiator to the target.


Click NEXT.

Review the configuration and click Create.


TrueCommand creates the iSCSI volume on the TrueNAS system and adds it to the iSCSI Manager.


Using the TrueNAS web interface to update iSCSI settings takes approximately five minutes to resync with TrueCommand.

Deleting a Share

To delete a block device, open the options (three dots), select Edit, then click the three dots in the popout panel.



To delete the target click the three dots and select deleting target. To delete everything click the three dots and select deleting target + zvols is the “full” cleanup.


TrueCommand cannot delete Initiators and Init Groups because they can be tied to multiple targets. To remove these settings, delete them from each TrueNAS system.