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Save any random data to be associated with the currently logged-in user. This is useful to save/restore a cache of user settings that might be needed by the Web UI for instance.

WARNING: This API call with overwrite the entire data object for the user with the given arguments. To insert data into an existing object, please use the users/insert_data or users/insert_data_value API calls.

Inputs Arguments

  • Required:
    • Anything as long as the input arguments are a Json Object

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "generic_data" : "sample field",
  "dataobject": {
    "datafield1" : "1"

Reply Example

  "namespace" : "response",
  "name" : "set_data",
  "id" : "some_id",
  "args" : {
    "result" : "success"

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item


This API call does not emit any middleware events.

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