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User management

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Last Modified 2021-02-17 15:20 EST

API Class: users

User management interactions.

There are two main kinds of users within TrueCommand: administrators and non-administrators.

Administrators are those who have full access to the appliance itself:

  • Add/remove user accounts
  • Add/remove system registrations
  • View audit logs
  • and more…

Non-Administrators are those who can login to TrueCommand to view or change individual systems on the network with permissions that were assigned by an administrator. These accounts may still be system administrators, but only have access to manage a subset of all the system registered within the appliance.

Note: The term “user” corresponds to somebody who can login to the appliance via the web UI (typically a system administrator of some kind). It does not correspond to system users or accounts with SSH access to the system.

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