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Remove a team. (Administrator Access Only - others will get a 403/Forbidden error code).

Input Arguments

  • “ugid” (string) : ID of the team (user group) to be removed.

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "ugid" : "my_team-1"

Reply Example

  "result" : "success"


Events from this change will be sent to all currently-connected administrators and any user with read access to the new server (such as from adding a server to an existing group).


"namespace" : "event",
"name" : "teams/remove",
"id" : "",
"args" : {
  "ugid" : "my_team-1",
  "name" : "My Team"

Log Summary

Log entries for this API call will have the following “summary” object. Note that empty fields from the input arguments (icon_base64, allowed_servers, allowed_groups) will result in those fields getting excluded from the summary as well (the summary only lists the changes).

"summary" : {
  "action" : "teams/remove",
  "removed_by_username" : "admin_user",
  "removed_by_uuid" : "admin_user_uuid",
  "remove_name" : "My Team",
  "remove_ugid" : "my_team-1",

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