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Delete an alert notice in its entirety. There is no way to recover an alert notice that has been deleted, so this should be handled with extreme care. Administrator Access Only

Input Arguments

  • Required Arguments:
    • “aid” : (string or JSON array of strings) Notice ID(s) to delete.
      • Special Option: “aid” = “delete-all: yes, this is terrible… don’t do it!”
      • This will delete all alert notices in the database (mainly used for developer debugging)

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "aid" : "3"

Reply Example



Events from this change will be sent to all administrators and any user with read access to impacted server(s).


"namespace" : "event",
"name" : "notices/delete",
"id" : "",
"args" : {
  "aid" : ["3"]

Log Summary

Changes made via this API call will be automatically entered into the system log, and a summary statement will appear which looks like the following:

"summary" : {
  "action" : "notices/delete",
  "changed_by_username" : "admin_user",
  "changed_by_uuid" : "admin_user_uuid",
  "deleted_aid" : ["3"]

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