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API hook for external systems to submit alert notices to TrueCommand. This requires that the external system use a valid system auth token to submit the API call over HTTP.

Note: This works for both “external” types of systems as well as FreeNAS/TrueNAS systems. It just needs a valid auth token which associates the API request with a currently-registered system.

Note 2: This will NOT work with websocket connections. HTTP API submissions only.

Implementation Details

It is recommended that this API usage be scripted and run automatically based on some external trigger. An example of such a script is included below for demonstration purposes:


# Access info for TrueCommand (system and auth token)

# CHANGEME : Gather/Assemble the data about the system 
# This data object is a hard-coded string for demonstration purposes only
DATA='{"external-alert-1" : {"source" : "external_alert_system_XYZ","type" : "warning", "time_t" : "1565274547", "text" : "This is a test of alert system XYZ forwarding to TrueCommand"} }'

#Now submit the statistics
echo "Submitting Alert: ${URL}"
echo "${DATA}" | jq -r . #Helps verify that the JSON was formatted properly
echo "----------"
curl -k --data "${DATA}" -u ":${TC_TOKEN}" -X PUT "${URL}"

Input Arguments

  • Required:
    • alert-ID (JSON Object) : Every alert needs to have a unique alert ID, this can be any string. This allows TrueCommand to see/combine alert notices with the same ID while also keeping track of all the times that the alert was submitted or triggered.
      • “source” (string) : Internal source designation for the alert. Can be anything that is useful for diagnosing and fixing the alert.
        • Examples: “SMART tests”, “service/XYZ”, “alertsystem/123”
      • “type” (string) : Priority designation for the alert. Must be one of the following options: “information”, “warning”, or “critical”
      • “time_t” (string or number) : UNIX timestamp for when the alert was created on the system itself.
      • “text” (string) : User-facing text for the alert.
  • Optional:
    • none ({})

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "external_alert_1" : {
    "source" : "external_alert_system_XYZ",
    "type" : "warning",
    "time_t" : "1565274547",
    "text" : "This is a test of alert system XYZ forwarding to TrueCommand"

Reply Example Arguments

  "result" : "success"

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item


This API call will generate the standard event notifications for new alert notices. See the notices/list API for event details.

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