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List all the types of data which are available for particular server(s). The types of data are returned in a “path” format where the “%” symbol is used to separate field names. Example: the “cpu%num_cpus” path corresponds to the “cpu” object, and the value of the “num_cpus” field within that object.

Input Arguments

  • Required:
    • none ({})
  • Optional:
    • “tvid” (string or JsonArray of strings) : ID of the specific system(s) to scan for fields.
    • “with_type” (boolean) : Return an array of objects with the “data_type” of the field also specified. This is helpful for doing filtering later on based on types of fields (default: false).
      • Data type return examples: “string”, “bool”, “number”.
      • Sub-categories may also be provided for some fields to provide units (when available): “number:KB”, “number:B”, “number:%”
    • “filter_type” (string) : Only return fields of this type (example: “number”)
    • “ui_format” (boolean) : Flag for returning the structure in an internal UI-integration format. Format may change between versions of TrueCommand.

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

  "tvid" : "server_id_1"

Reply Example

NOTE: If no tvid is given, then a generic “fields” object will be returned instead of the objects tagged by the the tvid’s. In the generic “fields” object, there will be items tagged within carats ( for example). These are placeholder labels for something that is system-specific ("" might become “ada0” for particular systems).

  "fields": [
    "network%<deviceID>%KB/s in",
    "network%<deviceID>%KB/s out",
    "network%total%KB/s in",
    "network%total%KB/s out",

Reply Example 2 (with types, greatly simplified list just to show format)

  "fields" : [
    { "path" : "cpu%num_cpus", "data_type" : "number" },
    { "path" : "memory%active_bytes", "data_type" : "number:B" },
    { "path" : "memory%active_percent", "data_type" : "number:%" }


This API call does not emit any middleware events.

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item

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