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Modify the settings for alert plugins. Note that each plugin’s settings are managed independently of each other, but must be updated in bulk (all of the settings for a single plugin must be submitted at the same time, even of some of those settings are unchanged from previous).

To disable a plugin just submit a null value for the plugin object.

Input Arguments

  • Required:
    • “[plugin-name]” (Json Object) : Settings object for the listed plugin.
  • Optional:
    • none ({})

Request Example Arguments

ARGUMENTS ONLY: See the basics of API requests for additional formatting information.

This will configure the “smtp-email” plugin while also disabling the “Plugin_A” plugin. Any current settings for other plugins will be untouched.

  "smtp-email" : {
    "mailserver" : "smtp.gmail.com",
    "mailserver_port" : 587,
    "auth_type" : "plain",
    "auth_user" : "example@example.net",
    "auth_pass" : "MySamplePassword01",
    "from" : "no-reply@truecommand.io",
    "to" : ["example@example.net"],
    "subject" : "TrueCommand Alert Notice",
    "cc" : null,
    "bcc" : null
  "Plugin_A" : null

Reply Example

  "result" : "success"


This API call does not emit any middleware events.

Log Summary

This API call does not generate a detailed log summary item

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