TrueNAS SCALETrueCommand Nightly Development Documentation
This content follows experimental early release software. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to a stable software release.

API Interface

TrueCommand provides an Application Program Interface (API) screen with links to embedded API documentation, system logs, and a request form for sending and receiving API calls.

Figure 1: API Interface Screen

API documentation

API documentation built with the TrueCommand version is available from the web interface by opening the admin menu and clicking API. Alternately, copy the TrueCommand web interface URL to a new browser tab and append /api/swagger.

A static build of this version’s API documentation is also provided here.

System Logs

Click UI LOG to open a sidebar that shows messages recorded by the TrueCommand user interface. Click to download a local copy of the UI log.

Click MIDDLEWARE LOG to open a sidebar that shows informational and alert messages recorded by the TrueCommand middleware. Click to download a local copy of the middleware log.

API Request Form

Interact with the TrueCommand API using this form. To find the different calls and parameters, refer to the embedded API documentation.

Enter a Name in the form. This must be path to the desired TrueCommand API call. The form automatically adds a / character in front of the entered Name. Example: alert-plugin/list

Enter any additional parameters in a standardized JSON format. This simple example shows deleting an TrueCommand user account:

Figure 2: Example API Request to Remove a TrueCommand User