TrueNAS SCALETrueCommand Nightly Development Documentation
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Administrator Guide

TrueCommand has features that are restricted to administrator accounts. After getting started with TrueCommand, additional administrator accounts can log in to the web interface and configure the software in the same way the first time user can. This guide reviews these screens and provides guidance for these TrueCommand administrator accounts to configure any access-restricted settings.

To read about settings that are available to any TrueCommand user account, see the related User Guide.

Administration Guide Contents

  • Systems: Provides information on the System screens, settings, and options.

    • Users and Teams: Describes the Users and Teams screens and has usage notes for administering TrueCommand user accounts.

      • Logs: Provides information on system logs.

        • Administration: Section with guides to configure and administer TrueCommand.

          • SAML Tutorials: Provides SAML tutorials for TrueCommand SAML configurations.

          • LDAP Servers: Describes how to configure LDAP servers for TrueCommand.

        • NAS Users and Groups: How to bulk create user and group accounts across many connected TrueNAS systems.

          • API Interface: Guide to access the built-in TrueCommand API Interface and link to a static API documentation copy.