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Last Modified 2022-04-13 16:05 EDT

July 16, 2019

iXsystems is pleased to announce the availability of vCenter 3.1.0, a standalone plugin for managing TrueNAS systems within VMware vSphere.

For more information about obtaining, installing, and using the vCenter plugin, or to ask questions regarding VMware integration, contact iXsystems Technical Support. You can contact Support by calling 1-855-GREP-4-iX or emailing

New Features

  • [NAS-100574] – Use standalone application for automatic deployment of vCenter plugin
  • [NAS-100839] – Add VMFS6 support


  • [NAS-100070] – Provide an indication when user times out for inactivity
  • [NAS-100075] – Add ability to remove user and role from RBAC
  • [NAS-101357] – Remove duplicate Configure and Update tabs
  • [NAS-101600] – Add ability to select cluster for VMFS datastore
  • [NAS-102360] – Store deployment and support logs in log folder

Bug Fixes

  • [NAS-101355] – Fix issue that prevented readding a removed host
  • [NAS-101356] – Remove spurious “Other Action” from Actions menu
  • [NAS-101358] – Ensure network interfaces retrieve a bind IP to be used to create Portal
  • [NAS-101359] – Display High Availability status
  • [NAS-101791] – Update output text from installer
  • [NAS-101840] – Improve uninstall and upgrade handling
  • [NAS-101846] – Fix issue when mounting NFS share in a cluster
  • [NAS-102312] – Fix issue when creating a VMFS datastore in TrueNAS 11.2-U5
  • [NAS-102324] – Fix problem with stalls when cloning datastore
  • [NAS-102365] – Fix problems related to removing roles, users, and permissions
  • [NAS-102388] – Indicate that the user needs to use the stop then start commands to restart vCenter 6.5
  • [NAS-102429] – Ensure text box for Hostname is read-only
  • [NAS-102455] – Warn user in documentation of maximum supported volumes limit

Tickets can be viewed at our Open Issues page.