Asigra Plugin

Asigra provides a TrueNAS plugin to simplify cloud storage backups with their service. The Asigra plugin connects TrueNAS to a third-party service and is subject to licensing. TrueNAS must have a public static IP address for Asigra services to function. Please read the Asigra Software License Agreement before using this plugin.

Follow the instructions in the CORE plugins section to install the Asigra plugin. Asigra also provides this installation guide for the Asigra Backup Plugin for TrueNAS CORE.

To begin using Asigra services after installing the plugin, expand the plugin options and click Register. A new browser tab opens to register a user with Asigra.

Refer to the Asigra documentation for details about using the Asigra platform:

  • DS-Operator Management Guide: Using the DS-Operator interface to manage the plugin DS-System service. Click Management in the plugin options to open the DS-Operator interface.
  • DS-Client Installation Guide: How to install the DS-Client system. DS-Client aggregates backup content from endpoints and transmits it to the DS-System service.
  • DS-Client Management Guide: Managing the DS-Client system after it has been successfully installed at one or more locations.