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Last Modified 2021-10-26 10:24 EDT

The TrueNAS SCALE Update screen lets users update their system using two different methods.

We recommend updating TrueNAS when the system is idle (no clients connected, no disk activity, etc). Most updates require a system reboot.

Update during scheduled maintenance times to avoid disrupting user activities.

TrueNAS SCALE is not currently on a production release. Only use SCALE for testing.



Set the Check for Updates Daily and Download if Available box to automatically download updates.

If an update is available, you can click Apply Pending Update to install it.


To manually update TrueNAS, click Install Manual Update File and save your configuration.


Select a temporary location to store the update file and click Choose File. Select the .iso you want to upgrade to and click Apply Update.

TrueNAS SCALE update files can be found here.