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Accessing NAS From a VM

  2 minute read.

Last Modified 2022-04-07 16:08 EDT

If you want to access your TrueNAS SCALE directories from a VM, you must create a bridge interface for the VM to use.

Go to Virtualization, find the VM you want to use to access TrueNAS storage, and toggle it off.


Go to Network and find the active interface you used as the VM parent interface. Note the interface IP Address and subnet mask.

You can also get the IP address and subnet mask by going to Shell and entering ip a.


Click the interface. Uncheck the DHCP box, then click Apply.


Click Add in the Interfaces window. Select Bridge for the Type and give it a name (must be in brX format). Check the DHCP box, then select the active interface on the Bridge Members drop-down list. Click Add under IP Addresses and enter the active interface’s IP and subnet mask.

Click Apply, then click Test Changes. Once TrueNAS finishes testing the interface, click Save Changes.


Go to Virtualization, expand the VM you want to use to access TrueNAS storage, and click Devices. Click in the NIC row and select Edit. Select the new bridge interface from the Nic to attach: drop-down list, then click Save.


You can now access your TrueNAS storage from the VM. You might have to set up shares or users with home directories to access certain files.


Linux VMs can access TrueNAS storage using FTP, SMB, and NFS.

In the example below, the Linux VM is using FTP to access a user’s home directory on TrueNAS.



Windows VMs can access TrueNAS storage using FTP and SMB.

In the example below, the Windows VM accessing an SMB share on TrueNAS.