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Web Interface Preference Screen

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Last Modified 2022-06-21 12:39 EDT

Use the Web Interface Preferences screen, accessed from the top toolbar Settings menu, to select general system preferences for your TrueNAS system.


Choose ThemeSelect a preferred color theme from the dropdown list of eight options.
Prefer buttons with icons onlySelect to preserve screen space by displaying icons and tooltips instead of text labels.
Enable Password ToggleSelect to display an eye icon next to password fields. Click the icon to reveal the password.
Reset Table Columns to DefaultSelect to reset all tables to display default columns.
Retro LogoSelect to change the UI TrueNAS branding to FreeNAS.
Reset All Preferences to DefaultSelect to reset all user preferences to their default values (custom themes are preserved).

Use Update Preferences to save changes. A green circle with a checkmark briefly displays to validate the changes made are saved and implemented.

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