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TFTP Services Screen

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Last Modified 2022-12-12 10:06 EST

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a simple option for data transfers. The SSH and Trivial FTP options provide secure or simple config file transfer methods respectively.

Click the to open the Services > TFTP configuration screen.

TFTP Service

The TFTPS screen displays settings that specify the directory location to use for storing files, the connection information, file permissions and any auxiliary parameters you want to use to further customize this service.


Path Settings

DirectoryEnter or click the arrow_right to the left of folder /mnt to browse to an existing directory to used for storage. Some devices can require a specific directory name. Consult the documentation for that device for any name restrictions.

Connection Settings

HostEnter or select the default host name or IP address to use for TFTP transfers from the dropdown list. To use Shell, enter an IP address. For example,
PortEnter the UDP port number that listens for TFTP requests. For example, 8050 or in Shell 8050.
UsernameSelect the user account to use for TFTP requests from the dropdown list of options that includes but are not limted to root, daemon, operator, nobody and all the other usernames on the system. This account must have permission to what you specified in Directory.

Access Settings

File PermissionsSelect Read, Write and Execute permissions for both User and Group to adjust the file permissions. Select all that apply.
Allow New FilesSelect to allow network devices that need to send files to the system to send files.

Other Options Settings

Auxiliary ParametersEnter any options from tftpd, one option on each line, to further customize the TFTP service.

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