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Deploying TrueCommand on TrueNAS SCALE

  2 minute read.

Last Modified 2022-04-07 16:08 EDT

A TrueCommand Docker image can be deployed on TrueNAS SCALE. The SCALE installation needs internet access and a storage pool with at least 20 GiB of space available for the image.

After logging in to SCALE, go to the Apps page. The first time the Apps page opens, select an existing pool to store any installed Applications. It is recommended to choose a pool that has enough space available for all the different applications you intend to install and maintain. Select the desired pool from the drop down and click Choose.


This can be changed later by opening the Settings drop down and clicking Choose Pool.

After selecting a pool, click Launch Docker Image.


This opens a wizard to install a custom application from a Docker image repository.

Use lowercase alphanumeric characters for the application name and enter ixsystems/truecommand for the Image Repository. Enter latest for the Image Tag.


While not required, you can customize the Container Settings according to your use case or environment.


As before, modifying the Networking Settings is not required, but you might need to customize according to your environment.


To access the TrueCommand interface after installing the application, add one or two entries to the Port Forwarding List. For HTTP access to TrueCommand, enter 80 for the Container Port and 9004 for the Node Port.

To include HTTPS access, click the + button to add another port forwarding dialog. In the second form, enter 443 for the Container Port and 9005 for the Node Port.


You can link additional SCALE storage to this application by adding Host Path Volumes entries.


This is not typically required for TrueCommand.

Volumes is for creating additional storage datasets inside the previously selected Applications Pool.


This is not typically required for TrueCommand.

Review the settings and verify the Image Repository is correct.


Click Submit to download and begin deploying TrueCommand. A new card is added to Installed Applications and shows the container deployment status.


When deployment is complete, the card updates to show TrueCommand is active.


To access TrueCommand, open a new browser tab and enter the address of your TrueNAS SCALE with :9004 or :9005 appended. Example: The TrueCommand login screen appears and asks to create the new Administrator account.


If the login screen fails to appear, double-check your system networking settings, open networking ports, and if the 9004 or 9005 Node Port values are already in use by another application.

For more details about TrueCommand, see the TrueCommand section.