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Setting Up System Email

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Last Modified 2023-05-26 11:36 EDT

An automatic script sends a nightly email to the administrator root account containing important information such as the health of the disks. Alert events are also emailed to the root user account. Configure the system to send these emails to the administrator remote email account for fast awareness and resolution of any critical issues.

Scrub Task issues and S.M.A.R.T. reports are mailed separately to the address configured in those services.

Setting up User Accounts

Configure the email address for the system root user as part of your initial system setup. You can also configure email addresses for additional user accounts as needed.

Configuring the Adminstration User Email Address

Before configuring anything else, set the local administrator account email address.

Go to Credentials > Local Users, select the click expand_more to expand the admin user information. Select Edit to display the Edit User configuration screen. In the Email field, enter a remote email address that the system administrator regularly monitors (like and click Save.

Configuring User Email

Just as with the root user, you can add new users as an admin or non-administrative account, and set up email for that user. Follow the directions in Configuring the Root User Email Address for an existing user or in Setting Up User Accounts to add email service for a new user.

Configuring System Email

After setting up the root user email address you need to set up the send method for email service.

Click the Alerts icon in the top right of the UI, then click the gear icon and select Email to open the Email configuration screen.

The Send Mail Method shows two different options:

  • SMTP
  • GMail OAuth

The Email screen configuration options change based on the selected option.

After configuring the send method, click Send Test Mail to verify the configured email settings are working. If the test email fails, verify that the root user Email field is correctly configured for the root user. Return to Credentials > Users to select the admin user.

Setting Up Email Using GMail OAuth

The Email screen displays with GMail OAuth preselected as the default send method.

To use the GMail OAuth send method:

Click the GMail OAuth radio button.


Click on Log In To GMail.

The GMail Authorization window opens.


Click Proceed to open the Sign in with Google window.


Select the account to use for authentication.


Enter the Gmail account credentials. Type in the GMail account to use and click Next. Enter the password for the GMail account you entered. When the TrueNAS wants to access your Google Account window displays, scroll down and click Allow to complete the set up or Cancel to exit set up and close the window.


Setting Up Email Using SMTP

To setup up SMTP service for the system email send method you need the outgoing mail server and port number for the email you entered.

Enter the email you want to use in From Email and the name in From Name. This is the email that sends the alerts and the name associated with the email.


Enter the host name or IP address of SMTP server sending email. Enter the SMTP port number. Typically 25/465 (secure SMTP), or 587 (submission).

Select the level of security from the Security dropdown list. Options are Plain (No Encryption), SSL (Implicit TLS), or TLS (STARTTLS).

Select SMTP Authentication for TrueNAS to reuse authentication credentials from the SMTP server. Enter the SMTP credentials in the new fields that appear.

Click Save.

Click Send Test Email to verify you receive an email.

Setting up the Email Alert Service

The system email account is sent a system health email every night/morning, if it is configured. You can also add/configure the Email Alert Service to send timely email warnings, when the system hits a specific state that is listed in Alert Settings, to the email specified in the alert service.

From the Alerts panel, select the settings icon and then Alert Services.

Change the Type field to Email and then populate the Add Alert Service form.


Add the system email address in the Email Address field.

Use Send Test Alert to generate a test alert and confirm the email address and alert service works.

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