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Managing API Keys

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Last Modified 2022-11-07 14:34 EST

The API Keys option on the top toolbar Settings dropdown menu displays the API Keys screen. This screen displays a list of API keys added to your TrueNAS.


Adding an API Key

Click Add to display a dialog window that lets users add a new API key. API keys identify outside resources and applications without a principal.


Type a descriptive name and click Add. The system displays a confirmation dialog and adds a new API key to the list.

Creating API Keys in the Shell

TrueNAS SCALE supports creating API keys in the Shell with an allow list of permissions for the keys.

Go to System Settings > Shell and enter midclt call api_key.create '{"name":"KEYNAME", "allowlist": [{"method": "HTTPMETHOD", "resource": "METHODNAME"}]}' using your desired allowlist parameters.

midclt call api_key.create '{"name":"api key 1", "allowlist": [{"method": "SUBSCRIBE", "resource": "certificate.query"}]}'

In this case, the HTTP method is SUBSCRIBE, which is a websocket API event subscription. The resource is certificate.query, which is the event name.

midclt call api_key.create '{"name":"api key 2", "allowlist": [{"method": "CALL", "resource": "zfs.snapshot.*"}]}'

In this case, the HTTP method is CALL, which is a websocket API method call. The resource is zfs.snapshot.*, which is the method name wildcard.

After you enter the command, the Shell displays the API Key in the output.


Editing or Deleting an API Key

Select the icon for any API key on the list to display options to manage that API key. Options are Edit or Delete.


Select the Reset to remove the existing API key and generate a new random key. The dialog displays the new key and the Copy to Clipboard option to copy the key to the clipboard.

Always back up and secure keys. The key string displays only one time, at creation!

To delete, select Confirm on the delete dialog to activate the Delete button.


API Key Documentation

Click DOCS to access API documentation for your system.

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