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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) monitors network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention. TrueNAS uses Net-SNMP to provide SNMP. To configure SNMP, go to System Settings > Services page, find SNMP, and click the .


See SNMP Service Screen for setting information.

Port UDP 161 listens for SNMP requests when starting the SNMP service.

Management Information Bases (MIBs)

Click to view or download a static copy of the SCALE 24.10 (Electric Eel) MIB file.

To download an MIB from your TrueNAS system, you can enable SSH and use a file transfer command like scp. When using SSH, make sure to validate the user logging in has SSH login permissions enabled and the SSH service is active and using a known port (22 is default). Management Information Base (MIB) files are located in /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/.

Example (replace with your system IP address or hostname):

PS C:\Users\ixuser> scp* .\Downloads\'s password:
TRUENAS-MIB.txt                                                 100%   11KB 112.0KB/s   00:00
PS C:\Users\ixuser>