TrueNAS SCALETrueNAS SCALE Nightly Development Documentation
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Managing General Settings

The TrueNAS SCALE General Settings section provides settings options for support, graphic user interface, localization, NTP servers, and system configuration.

General Settings Screen
Figure 1: General Settings Screen


The Support widget shows information about the TrueNAS version and system hardware. Links to the open source documentation, community forums, and official Enterprise licensing from iXsystems are also provided.

Add License opens the sidebar with a field to paste a TrueNAS Enterprise license (details).

File Ticket opens a window to provide feedback directly to the development team.

Feedback window

The How would you rate this page? FeedbackIcon icon opens a feedback window. Alternately, go to System Settings > General, find the Support widget, and click File Ticket to see the feedback window.

The feedback window allows users to send page ratings, comments, and report issues or suggest improvements directly to the TrueNAS development team. Submitting a bug report or improvement suggestion requires a free Atlassian account.

Click between the different tabs at the top of the window to see different options for your specific feedback.

Rate this page Use the Rate this page tab to quickly review and provide comments on the currently active TrueNAS user interface screen. You can include a screenshot of the current page and/or upload additional images with your comments.

Report a bug or Suggest an improvement

Use the Report a bug or Suggest an improvement tabs to notify the development team when a TrueNAS screen or feature is either not working as intended or can be evolved with new functionality. For example, report a bug when a middleware error and traceback appears while saving a configuration change or enter an improvement suggestion when a feature can be configured in fewer clicks.

Both bug reports and improvement suggestions are created in the publicly-visible TrueNAS Jira project and have the same reporting fields.

Enter a descriptive summary in the Subject. TrueNAS can show a list of existing Jira tickets with similar summaries. When there is an existing ticket about the issue, consider clicking on that ticket and leaving a comment instead of creating a new one. Duplicate tickets are closed in favor of consolidating feedback into one report.

Enter details about the issue in the Message. Keep the details concise and focused on how to reproduce the issue, what the expected result of the action is, and what the actual result of the action was. This helps ensure a speedy ticket resolution. Include system debug and screenshot files to also speed up the issue resolution.

Bug Reports from Enterprise Licensed Systems
TrueNAS Enterprise

When an Enterprise license is applied to the system, the Feedback window has a single Report a bug tab for sending bug reports directly to iXsystems.

Filling out the entire form with precise details and accurate contact information ensures a prompt response from the iXsystems Customer Support team.

Configuring GUI Options

The GUI widget allows users to configure the TrueNAS SCALE web interface address. Click Settings to open the GUI Settings configuration screen.

Changing the GUI SSL Certificate

The system uses a self-signed certificate to enable encrypted web interface connections. To change the default certificate, select a different certificate that was created or imported in the Certificates section from the GUI SSL Certificate dropdown list.

Setting the Web Interface IP Address

To set the WebUI IP address, if using IPv4 addresses, select a recent IP address from the Web Interface IPv4 Address dropdown list. This limits the usage when accessing the administrative GUI. The built-in HTTP server binds to the wildcard address of (any address) and issues an alert if the specified address becomes unavailable. If using an IPv6 address, select a recent IP address from the Web Interface IPv6 Address dropdown list.

Configuring HTTPS Options

To allow configuring a non-standard port to access the GUI over HTTPS, enter a port number in the Web Interface HTTPS Port field.

Select the cryptographic protocols for securing client/server connections from the HTTPS Protocols dropdown list. Select the Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions TrueNAS SCALE can use for connection security.

To redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS, select Web Interface HTTP -> HTTPS Redirect. A GUI SSL Certificate is required for HTTPS. Activating this also sets the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) maximum age to 31536000 seconds (one year). This means that after a browser connects to the web interface for the first time, the browser continues to use HTTPS and renews this setting every year. A warning displays when setting this function.

Special consideration should be given when TrueNAS is installed in a VM, as VMs are not configured to use HTTPS. Enabling HTTPS redirect can interfere with the accessibility of some apps. To determine if HTTPS redirect is active, go to System Settings > General > GUI > Settings and locate the Web Interface HTTP -> HTTPS Redirect checkbox. To disable HTTPS redirects, clear this option and click Save, then clear the browser cache before attempting to connect to the app again.

To send failed HTTP request data which can include client and server IP addresses, failed method call tracebacks, and middleware log file contents to iXsystems, select Crash Reporting.

Sending Usage Statistics to iXsystems

To send anonymous usage statistics to iXsystems, select the Usage Collection option.

Showing Console Messages

To display console messages in real time at the bottom of the browser, select the Show Console Messages option.

Localizing TrueNAS SCALE

To change the WebUI on-screen language and set the keyboard to work with the selected language, click Settings on the System Settings > General > Localization widget. The Localization Settings configuration screen opens.

Select the language from the Language dropdown list, and then the keyboard layout in Console Keyboard Map.

Enter the time zone in Timezone and then select the local date and time formats to use.

Click Save.

Adding NTP Servers

The NTP Servers widget allows users to configure Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. These sync the local system time with an accurate external reference. By default, new installations use several existing NTP servers. TrueNAS SCALE supports adding custom NTP servers.

Setting Up System Email

The Email widget displays information about current system mail settings. When configured, an automatic script sends a nightly email to the administrator account containing important information such as the health of the disks.

To configure the system email send method, click Settings to open the Email Options screen. Select either SMTP or GMail OAuth to display the relevant configuration settings.