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Last Modified 2022-07-29 13:23 EDT

The SCALE Storage section has controls for pool, snapshot, and disk management. The storage section also has options for datasets, zvols, and permissions.

For guidance on clustering storage across multiple SCALE systems, see (Clustering and Sharing SCALE Volumes with TrueCommand)[/solutions/integrations/smbclustering/].

Storage Overview


The top row of the SCALE storage screen lets users search for existing pools, datasets, and zvols.

The Import button lets users reconnect pools exported/disconnected from the current system or created on another system. The import button also reconnects pools after users reinstall or upgrade the TrueNAS system.

The Create Pool button creates ZFS data storage “pools” with physical disks to efficiently store and protect data.

The Snapshots drop-down creates snapshots, which provide read-only point-in-time copies of a file system, volume, or a running virtual machine.

The Disks drop-down lets users manage, wipe, and import storage disks that TrueNAS will use for ZFS data storage.

The Storage screen displays the pools, datasets, and zvols users have created on the system. Users may perform actions to root pools or specific datasets using the Pool Actions and Dataset Actions menus.

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Storage Article Summaries

  • Pools
  • TrueNAS uses ZFS data storage pools to efficiently store and protect data. What is a pool? expand Storage pools are attached drives organized into virtual devices (vdevs). ZFS and TrueNAS periodically review and heal when discovering a bad block in a pool. Drives are arranged inside vdevs to provide varying amounts of redundancy and performance. Combined, ZFS and vdevs combined create high-performance pools, pools that maximize data lifetime, and all situations in between.

    • Creating Storage Pools
    • This article provides information on creating storage pools and using VDEV layout options in TrueNAS SCALE.

    • Disks
    • This section provides articles with instructions for importing, replacing, wiping disks. Disk Article Summaries Managing Disks This article provides information on managing disks, performing manual S.M.A.R.T. testing and viewing S.M.A.R.T. test results. Replacing Disks This article provides disk replacement instructions that includes taking a failed disk offline and and replacing a disk in an existing VDEV. Wiping a Disk This article provides instructions for wiping a disk.

    • Managing Pools
    • This article provides instructions on managing storage pools, VDEVS and disks in TrueNAS SCALE.

    • Importing a Pool
    • This article provides information on ZFS importing for storage pools in TrueNAS SCALE. It also addresses GELI-encrypted pools.

    • Fusion Pools
    • This article provides information on setting up and using fusion pools.

    • SLOG Over-Provisioning
    • This article provides information on the disk_resize command in SCALE.

  • Datasets
  • Dataset Tutorial Article Summaries Adding and Managing Datasets This article provides instructions on creating and managing datasets. Adding and Managing Zvols This article provides instructions on creating, editing and managing zvols. Importing Data This article provides instructions for importing data (from a disk) and monitoring the import progress. Managing User or Group Quotas This article provides information on managing user and group quotas.

  • Installing and Managing Self-Encrypting Drives
  • This article covers self-encrypting drives, including supported specifications, implementing and managing SEDs in TrueNAS, and managing SED passwords and data.