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Setting Up SMB Multichannel

SMB multichannel allows servers to use multiple network connections simultaneously by combining the bandwidth of several network interface cards (NICs) for better performance.

SMB multichannel does not function if you combine NICs into a LAGG.

Activating Multichannel in TrueNAS Scale

If you already have clients connected to SMB shares, disconnect them before activating multichannel.
  1. Go to System Settings > Services and click the edit edit icon for the SMB service.
  2. Click Advanced Settings, then enable Multichannel.
  3. Save and restart the SMB service, then reconnect all clients to their SMB Shares.

Validating Multichannel Activated In Windows

After you connect a client to their SMB share, open Powershell as an administrator on a client, then enter Get-SmbMultichannelConnection. The terminal should list multiple server IPs.

Validate Multichannel in Windows Powershell
Figure 1: - Validate Multichannel in Windows Powershell

You can also enter Get-SmbMultichannelConnection | ConvertTo-Json and ensure CurrentChannels is more than 1.

Validate Multichannel in JSON
Figure 2: - Validate Multichannel in JSON