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Configuring Reporting

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Last Modified 2022-12-02 12:30 EST

TrueNAS has a built-in reporting engine that provides helpful graphs and information about the system.


TrueNAS uses Graphite to gather metrics and create visualizations.

TrueNAS uses collectd to provide reporting statistics.

Reporting data is saved to permit viewing and monitoring usage trends over time. This data is preserved across system upgrades and restarts.

Because reporting data is written frequently do not store it on the boot pool or operating system device.

TrueNAS clears the report history when you change the report CPU, graph age, or graph points options.

Data files are saved in /var/db/collectd/rrd/.

Configuring Report Settings

Click the to open the Reports Configuration configuration screen where you control how TrueNAS displays the graphs.


Select the general options you want to use in your TrueNAS.

Specify either the host name or IP address of the Graphite server you want to use.

Click Save.

TrueCommand Enhancement

To increase TrueNAS reporting functionality connect it to our TrueCommand multi-system management software.

TrueCommand Reports offer enhanced features like creating custom graphs and comparing utilization across multiple systems.

Interacting with Graphs

Click on and drag a certain range of the graph to expand the information displayed in that selected area in the Graph. Click on the icon to zoom in on the graph. Click on the icon to zoom out on the graph. Click the to move the graph forward. Click the to move the graph backward.

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